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Giving Gal (Hardcover)


Gabi loves giving. It has always been easy. That is until she meets her match, Mr. Brink, while visiting her grandma. But Gabi is persistent. She refuses to give up until she has brought a smile to the faces of all she meets. And in the end, it’s Mr. Brink who gives her a gift she will never forget.


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In a “what’s in it for me” world, we have an opportunity to shape the future by raising children to be kind, compassionate, and giving. 

As you read this book together, have your child identify all the gifts Giving Gal gave and jot down the emotions tied to each gift. Talk with your child about how simple acts of kindness can make an impact in brightening another person’s day. 

*This book gives back. Each year, with your help, we’ll select several nonprofits to donate a portion of the proceeds from this book. 


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