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Meet Giving Gal & Friends


  • Seven years old and is in the second grade.
  • She gives simple gifts every day, and her favorite is a smile.
  • She loves reading, going for hikes, and playing basketball.
  • Her favorite food is ice cream.


  • Gabi’s older sister.
  • She’s in high school and loves science and math.
  • She runs cross country and track and enjoys spending time with friends.
  • Her favorite food is cookies.

Mr. Brink

  • He is a retired mailman.
  • He married his high school sweetheart Ruth, and they were married for 50 years.
  • He misses her dearly.
  • He loves animals, especially dogs. 

Gabi & Grace's Mom

  • She’s an excellent cook and baker and makes a delicious coconut cream pie.
  • She loves jewelry, shoes, and purses.
  • She plays the piano and loves music.
  • Her greatest love is her girls.

Grandma Green

  • Loves life and always seems to be laughing.
  • She is a social butterfly at the senior community center.
  • She has two children, Gabi’s dad and Gabi’s aunt, Carol.
  • She is a retired librarian. That is where Gabi gets her love of reading. 


  • She’s a beagle.
  • She’s Gabi’s favorite stuffed animal.
  • She goes with Gabi everywhere.
  • Gabi named her after her favorite flower, daisies.

About the Author

Stephanie L. Jones gave a gift every day for 522 days and that journey changed her life. Now she is on a mission to inspire others to give and practice gratitude daily. She hosts an inspiring podcast, Giving Your Best Life. As a TEDx speaker, she loves sharing her message from the stage in schools, colleges, churches, and businesses. Stephanie is a best-selling and award-winning author of the Giving Gal, The Giving Challenge, The Gratitude Challenge, Thank-You Notes to God, Uncommon Christmas, and Uncommon Growth. She lives out her dreams with her hubby, Mike in Indiana.

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