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Meet Giving Gal & Friends


  • Seven years old and is in the second grade.
  • She gives simple gifts every day, and her favorite is a smile.
  • She loves reading, going for hikes, and playing basketball.
  • Her favorite food is ice cream.


  • Gabi’s older sister.
  • She’s in high school and loves science and math.
  • She runs cross country and track and enjoys spending time with friends.
  • Her favorite food is cookies.

Mr. Brink

  • He is a retired mailman.
  • He married his high school sweetheart Ruth, and they were married for 50 years.
  • He misses her dearly.
  • He loves animals, especially dogs. 

Gabi & Grace's Mom

  • She’s an excellent cook and baker and makes a delicious coconut cream pie.
  • She loves jewelry, shoes, and purses.
  • She plays the piano and loves music.
  • Her greatest love is her girls.

Grandma Green

  • Loves life and always seems to be laughing.
  • She is a social butterfly at the senior community center.
  • She has two children, Gabi’s dad and Gabi’s aunt, Carol.
  • She is a retired librarian. That is where Gabi gets her love of reading. 


  • She’s a beagle.
  • She’s Gabi’s favorite stuffed animal.
  • She goes with Gabi everywhere.
  • Gabi named her after her favorite flower, daisies.

About the Author

Stephanie L. Jones
is on a mission to inspire others to give and practice gratitude daily. She’s shared her message on the power of giving, gratitude, and goals, with thousands, from the stage and through her books, The Giving Challenge and The Gratitude Challenge. She lives out her dreams with her hubby, Mike.

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